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Still Waters Sweet Almond Oil promotes a healthy scalp for hair growth and also keeps the hair smelling fresh.   SW Almond Oil is a multi-purposed, leave-in treatment for all hair types. We designed it to protect your hair from the damage of heated tools and control frizz. It also locks in moisture while boosting shine, volume and body. This lightweight styling aid will protect, treat and nourish your hair all day long. Use it each time you cleanse for amazing results.


Natural Hair Growth Stimulant | Skin Revitalizer | Energy Cleanser | Peace Maker

This spray is excellent for shifting the energy in a positive way. Made with all natural sage leaves and essential oils, the “Still Waters (Peace in a Bottle) Sage Spray” has been known to have many healing principles. Including, balancing the energy around you, harmonizing the pH in your hair and skin, and increased blood circulation, resulting in the stimulation of hair growth.

An organic blend of shea butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil combinations all married together to assist in healthy, smooth, silky well moisturized skin. With 100% pure healing essential oils a little bit of this cream goes a long way.

Still Waters Vibrant Splash is a lavender pH balanced facial cleanser designed to heal the skin externally. After washing the face with soap, spray Still Waters Vibrant Splash on the face to eliminate the feeling of tight itchy skin caused by soap.

$15.00  Still Waters Sage Spray


Still Waters Sweet Almond Oil


Blessed Skin Body Butter


Still Waters Vibrant Splash Beauty Water

Still Waters Happy Hair Shampoo is a lather-less shampoo that removes dirt without stripping the nutrients from the hair. After shampooing hair, part into small sections and massage scalp with your fingertips; rinse and repeat as needed.


Still Waters Happy Hair Shampoo

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The Back Story

Melanie Luja /CEO Founder

Subtle Tiyes Products

Subtle Tiyes Hair and Skincare started in a kitchen in Los Angeles, California. Subtle Tiyes Skincare founder, Melanie Luja, embodies the spirit of vision and entrepreneurship in her work. She's been formulating beauty concoctions for over 10 years. Her work is based in creative intuition, and that intuition is backed up with realms of knowledge and experience.

Melanie is an accredited cosmetologist, nutritionist, herbalist and soul work therapist. Her deep academic roots have as much to do with her world-class Hair and skincare products as does her intuition.

The core of Melanie’s skincare philosophy is grounded in the idea of “Do No Harm”, The best ingredients found worldwide —- no matter the expense, no additives, no alcohol or any other preservatives, 98% vegan based, no animal testing, and a great shelf life (that's what it takes if you want the real deal). The results are many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Melanie is a rebel by nature. A revolution is sometimes needed to change the unhealthy status quo. Melanie looks forward to proving her art and craft, her vision and professionalism, and invites you to explore the website, read the lists of ingredients (always provided), check out the heartfelt customer reviews, and start your journey into her lovely world of skincare. Permission granted to come aboard.

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Stephanie Bass, Verified Buyer

"Absolutely love Subtle Tiyes products.  They're exactly what I ever needed or wanted them to be."

No way around it, they're the best!

Ayana Monet, Verified Buyer

"Subtle Tiyes is an important part of my hair regiment. I'm so glad I use it! I love how soft and supple my hair feels after using the shampoo and conditioner. The sage spray is magic! It's perfect for your hair, your face or when you need a moment of zen. The Subtle Tiyes line is simply amazing!!!

Aisha Justin, Verified Buyer

"Subtle Tiyes products has been part of my skin and hair routine for years. The Beauty Spray not only is refreshing, but calming. My hair has gotten thicker with the sage spray. I Love this brand!"